Friday, November 11, 2011

more pumpkin

pumpkin curry soup yummy and very spicey

for the love of fall

 choc chip pumpkin muffin stuffed and topped with home made cream cheese icing, also topped with choc chip and gold sprinkles. this is the after pic
 before pic
 oh my pumpkiness
 the process of filling them
 pumpkin curry soup
 awesome pumpkin pancakes
 full of color fall table, thanks to my sister's purchase of some spectacular fabric
remnants of a pumpkin pie

fall table decor with a colorfull twist

 beige table runner with purple mats and napkins match the funner woohoo
 the napkin rings are made to hold a flower so i made one out of some recycle faux greenery and a pompom

 This kitchen table is a fav, it has been in the family for ages. So I din't want to completely cover it up
close up of the acrylic napkin holer with a pompom plant hehe

Saturday, November 5, 2011

oh what a shelf can do. before and after

 ugghh ly before
yay happy and organized after for 4.00 bucks. yeah he deserves a sweet potato pie

hubby installed a cook book shelf woohoo

 This board was primed 5 years ago and has been covered out doors then painted with a wash of light blue then spray painted black while still wet. thx to my daughter for all of her hard and beautiful work.
 then she painted the brackets black, cost 4.oo home depot
 My husband hung the shelf. see the camera flash on the wall heehee
 The gorgeous under side of the shelf , that is what i see i'm only 5 foot tall lol
 I loaded it up
 The lower cabinet is a used low boy type credenza. I took the doors off and installed curtains and rods. curtains made from misprint 1.00 yard fabric at wmart
 ok this is worth a sweet potato pie

 the jeans used to make bedroom shoes earlier well the pocket made this coupon holder refridge magnet
 time out for the 4 legged kids lol wish that were me
 ok so Ima is getting bored but not that cat (Bram)
Sweet potatoes for hubby hard work pie.

pumpkin can versus fresh, what you get for your money

 Bought this beaut for a steal at fred's 2.50!!
Oh My
 Sweet heavenly pumpkin
 It took some work, I won't lie but oh so worth the savings and I can't wait to taste tomorrows pie.
 The end result yah can't get this from a can
Final product looky at that color. My hubby used the food processor while i washed dishes. Good thing I made him a Sweet potato pie. I have two colanders of pure straining. woohoo

fall sewing

 home made bedroom shoes from hubby's old jeans and left over fleece. The pattern was free from the internet. I will try to find it and link it somewhere around here.
 the bedroom shoes
 I was sewing the shoes and turned around to see this. It was a great mental break.
 I made a teapot cozy from left over fleece and cross the top decorated it with tiny pewter tea leaves. This thing works like a charm.
 My daughter took the bedroom shoes, they were a hit.
 After I made the tea cozy I decide to whip out a hat. It was so simple to hand sew.
 The pic isn't to good but this is a tea cup cozy made from the cuff of a pink sweat shirt. Totallllly no sew and yeah it serves it's purpose very well.
I took a scrap from the bedroom shoes and stretched it as far as it would go and tied it into a bow and sewed to the hat. I sleep in this hat it is so comfy.

kitchen remake

Note the black cabinets. He was Captain Kitchen-Aid Dough Hook lol