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Saturday, November 5, 2011

fall sewing

 home made bedroom shoes from hubby's old jeans and left over fleece. The pattern was free from the internet. I will try to find it and link it somewhere around here.
 the bedroom shoes
 I was sewing the shoes and turned around to see this. It was a great mental break.
 I made a teapot cozy from left over fleece and cross the top decorated it with tiny pewter tea leaves. This thing works like a charm.
 My daughter took the bedroom shoes, they were a hit.
 After I made the tea cozy I decide to whip out a hat. It was so simple to hand sew.
 The pic isn't to good but this is a tea cup cozy made from the cuff of a pink sweat shirt. Totallllly no sew and yeah it serves it's purpose very well.
I took a scrap from the bedroom shoes and stretched it as far as it would go and tied it into a bow and sewed to the hat. I sleep in this hat it is so comfy.

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