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Saturday, November 5, 2011

hubby installed a cook book shelf woohoo

 This board was primed 5 years ago and has been covered out doors then painted with a wash of light blue then spray painted black while still wet. thx to my daughter for all of her hard and beautiful work.
 then she painted the brackets black, cost 4.oo home depot
 My husband hung the shelf. see the camera flash on the wall heehee
 The gorgeous under side of the shelf , that is what i see i'm only 5 foot tall lol
 I loaded it up
 The lower cabinet is a used low boy type credenza. I took the doors off and installed curtains and rods. curtains made from misprint 1.00 yard fabric at wmart
 ok this is worth a sweet potato pie

 the jeans used to make bedroom shoes earlier well the pocket made this coupon holder refridge magnet
 time out for the 4 legged kids lol wish that were me
 ok so Ima is getting bored but not that cat (Bram)
Sweet potatoes for hubby hard work pie.

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